The goal is to arm creative professionals with a knowledge base and tools, hopefully early on in the business cycle, to build an awesome business that aligns with their intrinsic motivation. At Measure, Rob has witnessed far too many creatives that are held back or even defeated by the strain of running a business. The strain limits potential, stifles creativity and hammers an industry that the world desperately depends on to bring their best creative thinking.

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Gastown Vancouver

Rob Leadley

The Writer

Rob Leadley Entrepreneurship is hard work, but there’s nothing better than having the freedom to design your own future. Rob Leadley envisions a future where creative professionals can turn their skills into thriving businesses that support the lives they want to live.

A CMA-CPA by designation, Rob’s career was built on making decisions based on numbers, but his creative side drives him to help design professionals challenge traditional business thinking to define and achieve their own success. With KTS tools and resources, he shares his knowledge and insights to help them sharpen their business awareness and maximize profitability of their creative talents.

Rob lives on Bowen Island with his wife Mitsumi and commutes to Measure’s Gastown office a few days a week. Together, they own Shika Provisions on Bowen Island and The Spotted Bear Bistro in Tofino, their second home. In protection of the BC coast, Measure donates to 1% For The Planet with contributions to Raincoast Conservation.

The Consultancy - Measure

Measure emerged as a much-needed business design consultancy for creative agencies and studios. Using analysis, logic and perspective, Measure injects value into creative design businesses and helps them overcome challenges often faced by left-brainers in the world of business. Using a collaborative approach, Measure helps these entrepreneurs realize their visions and build businesses and lifestyles they find truly fulfilling.

What would it take to design the business you’ve always wanted? We start by challenging traditional definitions of success to find what really works for you.

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